Short Sleeve Dress Shirt For Casual Or Dress

A short sleeve shirt or a short sleeve dress shirt is a shirt similar to a long sleeve shirt with collar and buttons in the front. It opens in the front and is known generally as button up shirt. The difference in a short sleeve dress shirt is the sleeves are usually half the length of your arm and reach only till the elbow. There is no use of cufflinks in this kind of shirt. The short sleeve dress shirt is a formal wear for the summer times when the heat is on. The poplin half sleeve dress shirt is designed for comfort during the summer days. The half sleeves let the cloth breath and reduce the temperature inside the shirt providing the person wearing it more comfort. Poplin is a fabric made from silk and a blend of cotton, rayon and wool. The manufacturing process results in the end product in being soft, sturdy, durable and very easy to handle. The fabric is stain resistant and doesn’t get wet easily. The important factor about the fabric is it is wrinkle free. Once washed many short sleeve dress shirt do not take heavy ironing to smoothen the wrinkles. The poplin material makes a good dress shirt and is known worldwide for the wrinkle free property. The major players in the clothing market have concentrated on this feature to market the product. As ironing is a tedious process and most people like to avoid it, a wrinkle free pant and shirt are their answer to ironing. The poplin fabric being soft to the skin and being durable is greatly sought after by most working men and women. The poplin half sleeve dress shirts provide the extra comfort and style required in a summer party or in and around the office in hot summer times. The short sleeve dress shirts made of poplin fabric provide the right comfort and strength to the dress. The shirt can be worn casually on shorts or pants or you can get the executive look when tucked in over a nice poplin pant. The designer line of poplin short sleeve dress shirts is a much expensive line of dress. The price of the half sleeve shirts increase with the quality of the fabric. The fabric made of 100% cotton produces the most expensive half sleeve poplin shirts. These half sleeve shirts are worth the while for they are tough to dirty and easy to handle, and the shirt just looks good on a person. The name poplin is derived from a French fabric and they where extensively used in making heavy clothing for winter times. The fabric was used in making ladies dresses and men’s clothing. The fabric has come a long way with the passage of time and the different blends of the fabric are now more renowned for the toughness and the softness and the wrinkle free properties. The poplin short sleeve dress shirts are a fashion statement for the rich when tucked in with poplin formal shorts on outings. They are more of a comfort statement for others during the summers working in offices and outdoor work places.

Business Casual Dress Guidelines– 9 Tips For Looking Sharp In Womens Casual Clothing

Are you confused about business casual dress in the workplace? Here’s an explanation of what business casual means, and how you can put together a wardrobe that still looks professional. Business casual dress combines the formal, dark colors of business wear, with the relaxed, comfortable look of casual wear. It’s not weekend wear, or sportswear. It’s somewhere in the middle ground. Here are 9 dress guidelines for business casual attire: 1. Don’t think that anything goes. The biggest mistake in creating a business casual wardrobe is to think that you can just throw on anything you like. That may work for a few days. But you’ll soon find that you are running out of things to wear. 2. Keep your outfits simple. Pair a crisp shirt or blouse, or a nice sweater, with pants or a skirt that fit you well, in a neutral color. Add some accessories, such as a good watch, classic necklace or earrings, and you’re set for the workplace. 3. Plan your wardrobe. You have to plan your business casual wardrobe in the same way you plan a business formal wardrobe. You have to think about your needs, your body shape and personality, and your work environment. Then you have to shop carefully to put together a wardrobe that won’t cause you grief every morning as you wonder what to wear. 4. Create a capsule wardrobe: Create a capsule wardrobe based on a neutral pallet of navy, grey or black. Put together a few basic such as a jacket and pants or skirt that fit you well. Now you are all set to add color and accessories to suit your work style. This way you always have something to wear, and you’ll know that all the parts of your outfits work well together. 5. Dress for your industry and for your company. If you are meeting clients, in most companies it’s a good idea to have a jacket handy. A jacket instantly upgrades your look, and presents a polished, professional appearance, even if you normally wear business casual. 6. Choose your accessories carefully. You may be wearing a sweater and pants, but make sure your shoes are shined and stylish. Carry a good quality leather briefcase or handbag. Invest in a sharp-looking watch with a leather or metal band. Wear a leather belt to tie your look together. 7. Coordinate colors. Keep your color pallet simple, so everything works with every else. You don’t need to dress in charcoal grey or navy exclusively, but these neutral colors are a great basis for a capsule wardrobe. When you begin with 2 or 3 pairs of pants in black, navy or grey, you can add any color shirt or sweater and still look business-like. When you top it off with a jacket, you look ready for any business event. 8. Check your grooming. Make sure your hair is clean and has a style that suits you. Check that your fingernails are filed, with no jagged edges. Sometimes we don’t realize that we look less than fresh at the end of the day, when we may be heading out to see clients. 9. Give yourself a once-over in the mirror before you step outside. Look for loose threads, missing buttons, and scuffed heels. All of these details play an even bigger part of the picture when you wear business casual attire.

The Right Jewelry For The Right Person

If you are shopping for jewelry and are not sure what to choose then you are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of different types of jewelry to select and picking the right one for you can be intimidating. If you are serious about buying jewelry, then read on and by the time you get to the end of the page, you will have a great idea of what type of jewelry to pick.

If you dress casual for work or for just going to the grocery store, then you should consider Silver CZ jewelry. Silver CZ jewelry is often consider to be the perfect accessory to any outfit. A casual outfit will instantly become dressy if you add the right piece of silver CZ jewelry. Even an outfit that is drab and boring can look great with a small piece of silver CZ jewelry.

A sterling silver & turquoise turtle ring is a great item to select if you like to go out to formal dinners. These rings are not highly expensive, but look like they are. People will notice a sterling silver & turquoise turtle ring on you from afar. A ring like this is elegant, but not showy. You can also wear a sterling silver & turquoise turtle ring with less formal outfits and still look amazing. Many women pair a ring like this with other items such as elephant pins or a Pandora style sterling silver chain.

A sterling silver floating or open heart pendant is the ideal choice to wear when you are looking for an item that goes well with any outfit. A sterling silver floating or open heart pendant is often wore as a sign that a woman is in love, but it can be worn as an attention getter by a single woman. If you are looking for an item that can be worn with a pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt as well as a cute black dress, then a sterling silver floating or open heart pendant is the right choice of jewelry for you. A sterling silver large floating or open heart pendant will get much more attention and can be worn with casual clothes but it is better worn with dressier outfits. There are many women who have sterling a silver large floating or open heart pendant as well as smaller versions.

If you are religious or spiritual at all, then you can choose Christian earrings as a great item. A set of Christian earrings is the idea choice for a subtle pice of jewelry that can be worn anytime. Many larger Christian items can be worn only with certain outfits or during certain occasions, but Christian earrings are ideal to wear anytime since they are subtle and yet very functional.

There are thousands of great items to choose from, but this list will give you a great idea of what types of items you can choose from and how they may be worn and during what occasions.

Flattering Plus Size Look: Tunics And Leggings

Leggings are a versatile accessory. However, wearing them with a shorter or form-fitting top does not flatter a plus-size figure. Instead, try a tailored tunic with a hem that falls to about mid-thigh. You’ll find an array of leggings and tunics at online retailers like Just My Size and Avenue. Here are some great ways to wear the latest looks:

Classic Pairings

Leggings are comfortable and appropriate for nearly every season, although Spring and Fall are the best times of year to sport them. For a classic look, pick a tunic that is slightly loose and made from cotton and other materials that have a natural flow.

Dress Your Age

Young women look best in tighter leggings, while older women should opt for a more put-together, bootcut style. Wear dark ones with a colorful tunic cinched at the waist with a wide belt for a classic, mature look. The belt should be tight enough to give your waist more definition, but not so tight as to give you the dreaded muffin top effect. Position the belt slightly higher than your natural waist to make your legs look longer.

Clean Finish

Avoid shoes with a lot of detail or super skinny boots that make your thighs seem larger. Try pairing your leggings and a tunic with knee-high or slightly higher boots in a similar color to your leggings for a smooth, unbroken line. Other options include comfortable flat shoes like sneakers, sandals, casual dress shoes or ballerina flats.

Long Vs. Short Graduation Dresses: Which Type Would You Choose For Your Body Type?

Choosing the graduation dress is an important, yet difficult moment for every girl. There are numerous types of graduation dresses to select from, thus it’s quite hard to make up your mind. Despite this fact, a thing is for sure: you have to look gorgeous on your graduation night. That’s why is very important to opt for a dress that covers all your body flaws and highlights your qualities.

Normally, the graduation dresses are casual and short, but it all depends on the location and your personal style and tastes. Also, these gowns are usually very colored and glamorous in order to offer you a unique look. Lately, increasingly more girls began wearing long dresses at their graduation parties.That’s how the dilemma appeared: should you wear long or short graduation dresses? It all depends on your silhouette and preferences. However, generally, the long gowns are worn by the seniors and the short ones by the juniors.

Many girls having their senior prom think that this is their night and that this might be their only chance to wear a long dress. The short dresses can be worn anywhere, at cocktail parties, birthday parties, etc., but you might have only one opportunity to put on a long frock. Also, the long gowns are much more formal and more appropriate for this type of event.

However, as mentioned before, it all depends on your style and body type. So, if you’re very tall, it’s indicated to wear a short dress because it will highlight your silhouette. Also, you shouldn’t put on high heel shoes. A long frock is perfect for the shorter girls, given that it will make them look taller. Accessorize it with very high heels and you’ll get the perfect look. The long dresses are also suitable for the young women that are over weighted, because they can help them cover this body flaw. The not so beautiful legs can also be covered with a long gown. Usually, a short dress highlights a perfect body and gorgeous legs. So, if you know for sure that you have these qualities go for a short frock and you’ll definitely stand out of the crowd.
The graduation dresses come in various styles, shapes and lengths. Yet, even if it’s a long or a short gown, what matters indeed is how it looks on you. Thus, wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

T Shirt – Baggy T Shirts

Shirts give off strong representations of the type of people we are and the way we want ourselves to be perceived. Different styles and designs give off different notions about how the individual wants to be perceived by others. This article will look at how baggy T Shirts and the brands used describe and connote the type of person that wears them.

Brand is a major factor that depicts who we are and they way we dress and ultimately the way we are perceived by others. The baggy T Shirt is usually worn by the majority of the population in a casual, dress down sense. Many people wear these kinds of T Shirts when at home relaxing; they are not on the whole typically worn when going out to events such as clubs and bars. These kinds of clothes are worn casually and are not connected to showing off. More of the opposite really, these clothes are comfortable.

Many of these baggy T Shirts range from many different brands from cheap ones, for the everyday casual look, or ranges to expensive niche brands that target people who have want have the exclusive casual look. In the case of baggy T Shirts one can look to the Hip Hop and RnB sector or society that prides itself with exclusive niche brands that thrive on the baggy look. Many of the rappers and singers of this genre of music, wear, on stage baggy clothing and in particularly baggy T Shirts. This therefore is a great influence on the fans who will want to look and dress like them. Many of these rappers have produced their own fashion label that they wear on stage and promote to their fans. Baby bop, is a large clothing brand made by a rapper who sells his exclusive baggy T Shirts at very high price. The idea of wearing the same clothes he does connotes to the fans who buy his brand, in order to dress like him, and can afford expensive clothes. Many of these T Shirts are used as a status symbol.

The same baggy fit T Shirts can be seen with many skater, BMXer group. Many of these people are performing and carrying out physical sports such as rollerblading, skating and biking. Many of these people wear baggy T Shirts in order to be comfortable in what they are wearing when carrying out these activities. Baggy clothing is proven to soften the blow when wearing tight T Shirts because less material is touching the skin. Many of their music singers also wear baggy clothing, which like the hip hop fans, they by the same outfits that they wear in order to show off their status and wealth in accordance to everyone else who has not got them.

From this it is possible to see that baggy T Shirts are worn in order to give off connotations that associate them with their style, be it the type of music, i.e. skater, hip hop so they can look like their favourite singer and the image they give off.

Coordinate Watch With Clothes For Looking Classy

Accessories have achieved the same status of dresses today. Men and women are equally crazy for them as they are for dresses. Their quality to give outfit a classy look has earned them laurel world over. Accessories like jewelry, scarf, leather gloves, handbags, hats, belts, watches, sunglasses, purses, shoes etc. are very high in fashion. Their addition to outfit enhances personality with greater degree. Even sometimes they are alone enough for making a statement.

This article is taking one such accessory into account that has charm everyone with its magical spell. It is the watch. Watch have become an integral part of everybody’s wardrobe and also completes the look. Unlike before when they used to serve practical purpose only of telling time, today they are worn more as fashion accessory. Watches can be worn with any outfit whether formal, informal, glamorous or casual. Yes but their style will differ from dress to dress. Also you have to make sure that your watch is perfectly complementing your outfit. Complementary watch gives a classy and rich look. For fulfilling the same watches come in different materials and designs. If you are unaware of how to match watch with your outfit read the tips below.

Tips for Coordinating Watch with Clothes
If you have to attend formal party or going to office or have to attend a business meeting wear watch having silver or gold band. Also it should have hands instead of digital numbers. It will give you a classy look with formal clothing like suit, pant, skirt etc.
If wearing casual clothes then certainly casual watch will only suit you. Watches having leather band are considered casual watches. These watches are simple yet elegant to look at. You can choose a casual watch that is either analog or digital.

If you wear clothes like shorts, athletic tops, track pants, sweats shirts etc. then you should go for sport watches. Sport watches are waterproof and digital. As your watch has to take twist and turns like you thus purchase durable one that is ready for all wear and tear. Seriously you will end up looking very smart with these watches.

If want to look fashionable and stylish then purchase watch of the same color of your outfit. You will look ultra chic in it. It is a perfect idea when going to attend glamorous events.

You can also experiment with watches by mixing and matching them with different clothes.
These tips are of great help in finalizing on the right style watch. Follow them seriously and you will never go wrong with watch-clothes coordination. For following the above tips you have to do few things like:

Your closet should have three types of watches i.e. a dress watch, a casual watch and a sports watch. Therefore whichever dress you wear can match it with same style watch.

Your watch should look new at all times. If they have become old it is better to replace them, because then only you will look profoundly good.
Watches are not necessarily to be costly but should be in a good and useable condition.
There is no match of branded watches, if having money does have them. They will not only raise your class but will impart same to your appearance.

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The range of womens Casual dress

All the girls will certainly agree with the above said quote and in a way, would be happy thinking about it; obviously, they are in an advantageous position. The diversity in the kinds of dresses a woman can wear is incomparable. Women’s fetish for dresses all over the world can be a topic of vast research. Fashion trends change year by year ensuring uniqueness and innovation every time. A woman’s dress up is exclusive for every particular occasion. From daily wear casuals to evening gowns and traditional attires for occasions, the list is endless. But these days, women are conscious about fashion as well as comfort. Therefore, they prefer wearing Trendy Casual Wear more often than other outfits. There are so many types of womens casual dress for women to choose from. Casual dresses should accentuate the personality of a lady by preserving her grace and maintaining the rhythm of the occasion and as well. Few of such tricks and tips can bring a lot of change to your look. Women can either hide or reveal their persona as per their need by adding a lot of variety to their clothing.

Here is a sample of some leading types of casual dresses for women in India to choose from :
Maxi Dresses: There are various kinds of maxi dresses with different colors and designs which can add sophisticated and a glamorous look to a woman wearing it. These are available in Floral Prints with or without Pleats, Floating Formats, Pin tucks with Embroidered Straps and Neckline, Sleeveless Tiered Attire and many more.

Street-Smart Look: Hot pants with a spaghetti top and gladiator shoes or teaming up long boots with rough and tough jeans and funky t-shirt can be categorized under this look. This kind of styled look is normally unique to rock band singers. So if you want to rock the world, then look out for this option. So for those wanting to be like Miley Cyrus, Avril and other young pop stars this is the look which is being popularly adopted across India.

Tunics: They can be best suited for both formal as well as informal occasions. Colors such as black, white and grey normally go best with formal clothing while bright, colorful tunics with floral prints or checks looks dazzling for evening meetings, etc

Salwar Kameez: The Patiala style salwar kameez is a super hit with young girls after Kareena Kapoor made it her own in the hit film ‘ Jab we Met ” with Shahid Kapoor. This trend setting outfit is ideal for those who tend to be heavier or with larger hips.

Navigating the “Business Casual” Dress Code

Modern times have brought about a dress code often referred to as business casual. This dress can vary wildly from industry to industry, location to location and company to company. Here are some tips to help you ensure that you don’t over or under dress the next time you need to dress in a business casual style.

What Pants To Wear

Business casual almost never means jeans. Usually khaki pants that are properly pressed and made of a high quality material are the best selection. Cotton, wool, twill, and gabardine are appropriate material choices. The heavier the fabric, typically the more polished and formal the look. If you are afraid that the pant may be too casual, choose a gabardine version in a tailored cut. Pleated pants are often more “dressy” that flat front and you should almost always choose a straight cut leg.

What Shirt To Wear

No matter what shirt you choose, you should always choose one with a collar. Business casual means there is no need for a neck tie, but you should never go so casual as to wear anything resembling a t-shirt. Collared polo shirts and crisp button ups are always a safe bet. Solid colors are the most classic look, but prints such as checks and stripes can also be acceptable. Always be sure and tuck the tail of the shirt into your pants.

What Jacket to Wear

Many times jackets are not necessary with a business casual look, but they will never be wrong either if you choose the right one. Be sure to choose a sports jacket or blazer and never a more formal suit jacket. Carefully pick a jacket in a classic cut and more casual fabric to not look over done. Be sure that if you choose a jacket with a pattern that it is not loud or gaudy. Checks and hound’s tooth are popular choices, but when in doubt, always stick with a solid.

What Accessories to Wear

Always wear a belt. Forgetting the belt leaves the look unfinished and sloppy. Your belt should match your shoes and should be high quality. If your belt starts looking cracked or worn, don’t keep wearing it with your business casual attire! Some men who actually like to wear neckties can do so appropriately with business casual dress even though they are not required. Be sure to pick a necktie that is in a more casual pattern, cut, and material. A great watch is another accessory to think about. Make sure to wear a watch that matches your other accessories for a sophisticated casual look.

What Briefcase to Carry

If you have the need to carry things to a business casual event or day at the office, don’t think you can get away with lugging your stuff in a backpack. Simple leather briefcases that match the color of your shoes and belt will be just fine. If there are things you intend to carry that won’t fit in a briefcase, choose a sporty messenger style bag that coordinates with your outfit. Think of it as the male version of a woman’s purse and

Women’s Casual Dress

Casual dress is so vague, so comfortable and can be quite difficult to even get right. Womens Dress must be worn in such a way that it fills the gap between comfortable, everyday wear and the more formal/dressier clothing. However, how easy do you think is it to put together an ensemble that is so complex! Not that tricky, really. Here are some tips to rock the casual look, effortlessly!

Know what Smart-Casual Means

The best way to put together an ensemble is to know what it really entails. Smart casual may seem like a misleading term, making you believe that you can wear a comfy pair of jammies for an evening. While the casual look is all about comfortable clothing, it needs to have a dash of dressiness to balance it out completely.

Dressing for the Occasion

Womens dress can be both casual and high maintenance. But you cannot wear one in another’s occasion. Imagine wearing jeans and a blazer on a black tie event! Formal and informal clothing have been named on the basis of the occasions they are most appropriate for! For instance, if you are wearing an engagement dinner party, an intimate event with just a bunch of friends then you can dress up in smart casuals. While you can get away with a pair of jeans and heels on this occasion, wearing it on a reception is a faux pas!

Choose the right dress

A smart casual dress is a fine line between absolute informal and formal clothing. The best and safest way to get the line right is by choosing something classy and simple. Then use a little innovation to style it up with relevant accessories and shoes.

Pairing the right shoes

A woman’s dress is incomplete if it does not go well with the shoes. When dressing up for a smart casual occasion, steer clear from anything that is too informal, this means, things like sneakers or sports shoes is off the table. You may also want to skip scuffed or broken shoes.
Anything from gladiators and ballet shoes section should be a good to go option!

Get out your best Accessories

The one thing that does true justice to any kind of outfit is accessories! You can make or break a look by simply choosing the right or wrong accessories. Womens dresses can be casual, formal, semi-casual, semi-formal and all that in between. However, the right accessories can play a huge role in differentiating one from another. A lot of factors influence your choice of jewelry, belt, scarves etc. Depending upon the occasion, the color of the dress, the time of event and the look you are trying to pull off, you can pick the set of accessories that coordinate and bind the look in a favorable way. However, remember that never go with s