The range of womens Casual dress

All the girls will certainly agree with the above said quote and in a way, would be happy thinking about it; obviously, they are in an advantageous position. The diversity in the kinds of dresses a woman can wear is incomparable. Women’s fetish for dresses all over the world can be a topic of vast research. Fashion trends change year by year ensuring uniqueness and innovation every time. A woman’s dress up is exclusive for every particular occasion. From daily wear casuals to evening gowns and traditional attires for occasions, the list is endless. But these days, women are conscious about fashion as well as comfort. Therefore, they prefer wearing Trendy Casual Wear more often than other outfits. There are so many types of womens casual dress for women to choose from. Casual dresses should accentuate the personality of a lady by preserving her grace and maintaining the rhythm of the occasion and as well. Few of such tricks and tips can bring a lot of change to your look. Women can either hide or reveal their persona as per their need by adding a lot of variety to their clothing.

Here is a sample of some leading types of casual dresses for women in India to choose from :
Maxi Dresses: There are various kinds of maxi dresses with different colors and designs which can add sophisticated and a glamorous look to a woman wearing it. These are available in Floral Prints with or without Pleats, Floating Formats, Pin tucks with Embroidered Straps and Neckline, Sleeveless Tiered Attire and many more.

Street-Smart Look: Hot pants with a spaghetti top and gladiator shoes or teaming up long boots with rough and tough jeans and funky t-shirt can be categorized under this look. This kind of styled look is normally unique to rock band singers. So if you want to rock the world, then look out for this option. So for those wanting to be like Miley Cyrus, Avril and other young pop stars this is the look which is being popularly adopted across India.

Tunics: They can be best suited for both formal as well as informal occasions. Colors such as black, white and grey normally go best with formal clothing while bright, colorful tunics with floral prints or checks looks dazzling for evening meetings, etc

Salwar Kameez: The Patiala style salwar kameez is a super hit with young girls after Kareena Kapoor made it her own in the hit film ‘ Jab we Met ” with Shahid Kapoor. This trend setting outfit is ideal for those who tend to be heavier or with larger hips.

Navigating the “Business Casual” Dress Code

Modern times have brought about a dress code often referred to as business casual. This dress can vary wildly from industry to industry, location to location and company to company. Here are some tips to help you ensure that you don’t over or under dress the next time you need to dress in a business casual style.

What Pants To Wear

Business casual almost never means jeans. Usually khaki pants that are properly pressed and made of a high quality material are the best selection. Cotton, wool, twill, and gabardine are appropriate material choices. The heavier the fabric, typically the more polished and formal the look. If you are afraid that the pant may be too casual, choose a gabardine version in a tailored cut. Pleated pants are often more “dressy” that flat front and you should almost always choose a straight cut leg.

What Shirt To Wear

No matter what shirt you choose, you should always choose one with a collar. Business casual means there is no need for a neck tie, but you should never go so casual as to wear anything resembling a t-shirt. Collared polo shirts and crisp button ups are always a safe bet. Solid colors are the most classic look, but prints such as checks and stripes can also be acceptable. Always be sure and tuck the tail of the shirt into your pants.

What Jacket to Wear

Many times jackets are not necessary with a business casual look, but they will never be wrong either if you choose the right one. Be sure to choose a sports jacket or blazer and never a more formal suit jacket. Carefully pick a jacket in a classic cut and more casual fabric to not look over done. Be sure that if you choose a jacket with a pattern that it is not loud or gaudy. Checks and hound’s tooth are popular choices, but when in doubt, always stick with a solid.

What Accessories to Wear

Always wear a belt. Forgetting the belt leaves the look unfinished and sloppy. Your belt should match your shoes and should be high quality. If your belt starts looking cracked or worn, don’t keep wearing it with your business casual attire! Some men who actually like to wear neckties can do so appropriately with business casual dress even though they are not required. Be sure to pick a necktie that is in a more casual pattern, cut, and material. A great watch is another accessory to think about. Make sure to wear a watch that matches your other accessories for a sophisticated casual look.

What Briefcase to Carry

If you have the need to carry things to a business casual event or day at the office, don’t think you can get away with lugging your stuff in a backpack. Simple leather briefcases that match the color of your shoes and belt will be just fine. If there are things you intend to carry that won’t fit in a briefcase, choose a sporty messenger style bag that coordinates with your outfit. Think of it as the male version of a woman’s purse and

Women’s Casual Dress

Casual dress is so vague, so comfortable and can be quite difficult to even get right. Womens Dress must be worn in such a way that it fills the gap between comfortable, everyday wear and the more formal/dressier clothing. However, how easy do you think is it to put together an ensemble that is so complex! Not that tricky, really. Here are some tips to rock the casual look, effortlessly!

Know what Smart-Casual Means

The best way to put together an ensemble is to know what it really entails. Smart casual may seem like a misleading term, making you believe that you can wear a comfy pair of jammies for an evening. While the casual look is all about comfortable clothing, it needs to have a dash of dressiness to balance it out completely.

Dressing for the Occasion

Womens dress can be both casual and high maintenance. But you cannot wear one in another’s occasion. Imagine wearing jeans and a blazer on a black tie event! Formal and informal clothing have been named on the basis of the occasions they are most appropriate for! For instance, if you are wearing an engagement dinner party, an intimate event with just a bunch of friends then you can dress up in smart casuals. While you can get away with a pair of jeans and heels on this occasion, wearing it on a reception is a faux pas!

Choose the right dress

A smart casual dress is a fine line between absolute informal and formal clothing. The best and safest way to get the line right is by choosing something classy and simple. Then use a little innovation to style it up with relevant accessories and shoes.

Pairing the right shoes

A woman’s dress is incomplete if it does not go well with the shoes. When dressing up for a smart casual occasion, steer clear from anything that is too informal, this means, things like sneakers or sports shoes is off the table. You may also want to skip scuffed or broken shoes.
Anything from gladiators and ballet shoes section should be a good to go option!

Get out your best Accessories

The one thing that does true justice to any kind of outfit is accessories! You can make or break a look by simply choosing the right or wrong accessories. Womens dresses can be casual, formal, semi-casual, semi-formal and all that in between. However, the right accessories can play a huge role in differentiating one from another. A lot of factors influence your choice of jewelry, belt, scarves etc. Depending upon the occasion, the color of the dress, the time of event and the look you are trying to pull off, you can pick the set of accessories that coordinate and bind the look in a favorable way. However, remember that never go with s

Casual Fridays: Dos and Don’ts in Business Attire

A lot of offices have adopted casual Fridays as well as casual days in the office.

What you wear to the office during these casual days stays with you for the whole week. Meaning, if you didnt dress appropriately on those occasional dress down days, you will probably give out the wrong impression for the rest of the work week.

Probably the most basic and accepted attire for casual office days are polo shirt or golf shirts, paired with casual dress slacks or neatly pressed khakis and well polished loafers.

While this sounds real simple, most people still get it wrong. The polo shirt here should be clean, pressed, not faded nor frayed, and tucked into your pants of generally higher quality. It doesnt sound like something you would wear to the beach right? Yet, a lot of people show up with just that.

What we suggest is ensuring that you have two kinds of polo shirts in your closet. Mercerized cotton polo shirts or golf shirts are best recommended for the office. They are spun finely that they look and feel like silk.

Polo shirts or golf shirts may be alternated with a simple blue faintly striped dress shirt worn with an open collar and a white crew neck undershirt. Dress down Fridays is also the best days to put on a conversational tie. These are those that you generally wont wear on a typical work day. Some suggested conversational ties are those from Tommy Bahama and Jerry Garcia as well as ties that look a little different. If you are not comfortable wearing something less than the conservative tie, you may try putting on some pink ties on Fridays just to be on the edgier side.

For slacks, though khakis are well accepted, you may really give out a good impression by wearing twills or worsted dress slacks.

Aside from twill and worsted wool, you may also try gabardine trousers which are usually slightly heavier in weight so it has a nice draping effect especially if you are wearing one with pleated style.

And lastly, sports jackets and coats are very convenient to have. A nave blue, two button sport jacket may even end up in your favourites.

So generally, you should opt out beachwear at home when we talk about casual Fridays or casual days in the office. Best to have some nicely made slacks and polo shirts to have a really casual yet elegant look.