Short Sleeve Dress Shirt For Casual Or Dress

A short sleeve shirt or a short sleeve dress shirt is a shirt similar to a long sleeve shirt with collar and buttons in the front. It opens in the front and is known generally as button up shirt. The difference in a short sleeve dress shirt is the sleeves are usually half the length of your arm and reach only till the elbow. There is no use of cufflinks in this kind of shirt. The short sleeve dress shirt is a formal wear for the summer times when the heat is on. The poplin half sleeve dress shirt is designed for comfort during the summer days. The half sleeves let the cloth breath and reduce the temperature inside the shirt providing the person wearing it more comfort. Poplin is a fabric made from silk and a blend of cotton, rayon and wool. The manufacturing process results in the end product in being soft, sturdy, durable and very easy to handle. The fabric is stain resistant and doesn’t get wet easily. The important factor about the fabric is it is wrinkle free. Once washed many short sleeve dress shirt do not take heavy ironing to smoothen the wrinkles. The poplin material makes a good dress shirt and is known worldwide for the wrinkle free property. The major players in the clothing market have concentrated on this feature to market the product. As ironing is a tedious process and most people like to avoid it, a wrinkle free pant and shirt are their answer to ironing. The poplin fabric being soft to the skin and being durable is greatly sought after by most working men and women. The poplin half sleeve dress shirts provide the extra comfort and style required in a summer party or in and around the office in hot summer times. The short sleeve dress shirts made of poplin fabric provide the right comfort and strength to the dress. The shirt can be worn casually on shorts or pants or you can get the executive look when tucked in over a nice poplin pant. The designer line of poplin short sleeve dress shirts is a much expensive line of dress. The price of the half sleeve shirts increase with the quality of the fabric. The fabric made of 100% cotton produces the most expensive half sleeve poplin shirts. These half sleeve shirts are worth the while for they are tough to dirty and easy to handle, and the shirt just looks good on a person. The name poplin is derived from a French fabric and they where extensively used in making heavy clothing for winter times. The fabric was used in making ladies dresses and men’s clothing. The fabric has come a long way with the passage of time and the different blends of the fabric are now more renowned for the toughness and the softness and the wrinkle free properties. The poplin short sleeve dress shirts are a fashion statement for the rich when tucked in with poplin formal shorts on outings. They are more of a comfort statement for others during the summers working in offices and outdoor work places.

Business Casual Dress Guidelines– 9 Tips For Looking Sharp In Womens Casual Clothing

Are you confused about business casual dress in the workplace? Here’s an explanation of what business casual means, and how you can put together a wardrobe that still looks professional. Business casual dress combines the formal, dark colors of business wear, with the relaxed, comfortable look of casual wear. It’s not weekend wear, or sportswear. It’s somewhere in the middle ground. Here are 9 dress guidelines for business casual attire: 1. Don’t think that anything goes. The biggest mistake in creating a business casual wardrobe is to think that you can just throw on anything you like. That may work for a few days. But you’ll soon find that you are running out of things to wear. 2. Keep your outfits simple. Pair a crisp shirt or blouse, or a nice sweater, with pants or a skirt that fit you well, in a neutral color. Add some accessories, such as a good watch, classic necklace or earrings, and you’re set for the workplace. 3. Plan your wardrobe. You have to plan your business casual wardrobe in the same way you plan a business formal wardrobe. You have to think about your needs, your body shape and personality, and your work environment. Then you have to shop carefully to put together a wardrobe that won’t cause you grief every morning as you wonder what to wear. 4. Create a capsule wardrobe: Create a capsule wardrobe based on a neutral pallet of navy, grey or black. Put together a few basic such as a jacket and pants or skirt that fit you well. Now you are all set to add color and accessories to suit your work style. This way you always have something to wear, and you’ll know that all the parts of your outfits work well together. 5. Dress for your industry and for your company. If you are meeting clients, in most companies it’s a good idea to have a jacket handy. A jacket instantly upgrades your look, and presents a polished, professional appearance, even if you normally wear business casual. 6. Choose your accessories carefully. You may be wearing a sweater and pants, but make sure your shoes are shined and stylish. Carry a good quality leather briefcase or handbag. Invest in a sharp-looking watch with a leather or metal band. Wear a leather belt to tie your look together. 7. Coordinate colors. Keep your color pallet simple, so everything works with every else. You don’t need to dress in charcoal grey or navy exclusively, but these neutral colors are a great basis for a capsule wardrobe. When you begin with 2 or 3 pairs of pants in black, navy or grey, you can add any color shirt or sweater and still look business-like. When you top it off with a jacket, you look ready for any business event. 8. Check your grooming. Make sure your hair is clean and has a style that suits you. Check that your fingernails are filed, with no jagged edges. Sometimes we don’t realize that we look less than fresh at the end of the day, when we may be heading out to see clients. 9. Give yourself a once-over in the mirror before you step outside. Look for loose threads, missing buttons, and scuffed heels. All of these details play an even bigger part of the picture when you wear business casual attire.